Intelligence & Ignorance


Edo G is probably one of the most reliable emcees in hip hop. “The Truth Hurts”, “My Own Worst Enemy” and the Special Teamz project were all strong releases, and that’s ignoring his more successful work in the 90s. “Intelligence & Ignorance” carries Edo’s formula on in to 2013, his TENTH album no less. Kicking off with a string-laden, straight forward production from Oh No, Edo applies the wordplay he is known for on “Done Talking”. As solid as it is, it’s an unremarkable introduction that is surpassed by Microphono’s “What They Say”, a soulful track that Edo blesses with simple yet effective lines like “I invest time, you spend time”. The beauty of an Edo G track is not only his knack for making a simple rhyme become dope, but being able to always call on some of hip hop’s finest beat-smiths. Minus Oh No, “Intelligence & Ignorance” is dominated by unheard of producers such as Microphono who holds down 50% of the album with admittedly mixed results. “Hold U” is a fine example of Edo G’s mature songwriting ability yet “Love I Need” is a pretty forgettable collaboration with Freestyle (of The Arsonists) and “Change” sees Edo schooling youngsters atop a crashing Cam Bluff production. Lyrically, there isn’t exactly anything here that hasn’t been done before, but with the natural charisma and slow flow that he possesses, he can hide many shortcomings that do exist. It’s just at 32 minutes, “Intelligence & Ignorance” barely qualifies as an album. There’s certainly nothing as immense as “Sayin’ Somethin'”, yet the tenth release from the Boston veteran is a decent addition to one of the most consistent hip hop discographies on the East Coast.



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