RapReviews – Recommendations – 2017

As part of the data transfer to the new RapReviews.com website, we have built a database to store all the review content. Currently, the website is thousands of HTML pages, so this was a long and painful process, but alas, we have done it! Shout out to Matt Jost for the support on this.

Given the current site design doesn’t have a search function (CTRL+F isn’t the same!), I thought it would be nice to pull together all the highly-rated reviews from the team. There’s bound to be some gems in here that you may not have checked for upon release.

The list is over 1,000 strong so I’ll be posting these day-by-day, grouped by year of review. It’s worth noting that these are sorted by the date that the review was posted, so we may have covered a record years later.

Keep an eye out for more information on the new RapReviews, and thanks for your continued support!

Record Date Reviewed Score
Common :: Black America Again 10 January 2017 9
Run the Jewels :: Run the Jewels 3 03 January 2017 8.5
Ras Kass :: Soul On Ice: Revisited 17 January 2017 8.5
The Jazz Jousters :: Take 5.2 with Dave Brubeck 31 January 2017 8.5
LiKWUiD & 2 Hungry Bros. :: Fay Grim 21 February 2017 8.5
Sho Baraka :: The Narrative 14 March 2017 8.5
AllttA :: The Upper Hand 21 March 2017 8.5
Red Pill & Ill Poetic :: Instinctive Drowning (Instrumentals) 28 March 2017 8.5
Kendrick Lamar :: DAMN. 18 April 2017 8.5
Brother Ali :: All the Beauty in This Whole Life 23 May 2017 8.5
Logic :: Everybody 23 May 2017 8.5
Career Crooks: Good Luck With That 06 June 2017 8.5
Vince Staples :: Big Fish Theory 27 June 2017 8.5

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